Dad B. O. D.'s

In The Works:

Start a US DADS B.O.D. Franchise (a Body of Dads, abbreviated to DadBOD) group for your community. DadBOD is a franchise-based setup for organizing and hosting events for fathers, their kids, and of course the children's mothers. DadBODS will require an application by a group of fathers and qualify according to our guidelines and codes of conduct to be approved. 

Requirements for DadBOD application:

  • 3 members minimum of a form LLC within your state. (One member head. One Member over Financial/Legal, Activities Coordinator).

  • All LLC members must submit fee for background checks and pass background screening.

  • More criteria to come.



Activities are done within the DadBOD. 

The focus of DadBODS is to give families ample reasons and opportunities to spend their time together in a fun, educational, and positive way and help communities create/uphold good family-centered legislation.

Start your DadBod in local community centers, churches, schools, or other public facility. 

Creative Director